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About Me

I am a Pediatric Nurse with a Family Nurse Practitioner background.  I am also a wife and mother of three beautiful children.  My passion for creating a healthier environment for my family ultimately pushed me in the direction to design healthy products.  I was shocked to learn that most of the lotions, detergents, shampoos, sunscreens, and soaps on the market are filled with preservatives, parabens, and many ingredients that are known carcinogens.  

After extensively researching the harmful effects of these products on the skin, I was inspired to start creating my own skincare and body products.  By doing so, I could utilize simple, safe, and wholesome ingredients that I knew would not cause harm to the skin, system, body, or the environment.  My goal was to create sulfate-free bubbles, and lather without the use of unnecessary chemicals and/or additives.  I am now able to share this realized dream with you, and I hope that this will allow us all to enjoy more Feel Good moments that may be far, few, and in between.   

I am the mix master, tester, packaging consultant, designer, maker, shipper, cleaner, chef of my establishment, per diem nurse, primary caretaker of our babies, and this joint's only employee.  All of my products will be made in small batches, and made in the most pure, safest, and healthiest way with high quality and trusted ingredients.  Every product has passed through my hands several times, is tested, inspected, cared for, and made with pure and loving intentions.  These intentions are for healing and I lovingly send them to you.

About Feel Good Scripts

All of my creations are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.  I utilize a time tested "cold process" method which utilizes heat, generated from a natural chemical reaction of natural plant oils, lye, and water, that transforms into a naturally glycerin rich, skin loving soap bar.  My goal is to make products that are safe, gentle, and as natural as possible.  I love utilizing organic unrefined coconut oil, olive oil, shea butters, and/or coconut milk in all of my products.  Kaolin and Bentonite clays are also staples, along with essential oils, and micas for color (which are naturally occurring minerals from the earth).  These ingredients are simple, safe, and fun.  My unique and simple approach will produce Feel Good products that not only work, but are paraben, cruelty, and gluten free.  Most of my soaps and body products will be of limited quantity until it is determined which are customer favorites, so get these first limited editions while they last.  

My releases will be all throughout the year and seasonal, but I will have special box releases throughout the year.  VIP Feel Good Subscribers along with our newsletter subscribers will be the first to know about soap and product releases.  If you are interested in knowing what products and soaps will be released, along with gaining access to discount codes, please sign up for our newsletter on the welcome page, or fill out the contact form.  I realize that it can be frustrating to visit and see "sold out," but if you see or want anything, just e-mail me anytime and let me know.  I will do my best to fulfill your wants, wishes, and order.  

We have one skin to live in.  Let's choose wisely.  Let's choose to Feel Good.  

It is my passion and dream come true to share this experience with you.  Let me help you love your skin with wholesome products that will in turn make you Feel Good.  

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Be Kind.
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Feel Good.

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