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Grand Opening....WOW!

WOW, WOW, thank you...What an incredible day of emailing, filling orders, and updating the site tonight.  I am humbled, grateful, and almost speechless.  I love seeing what you guys are moving towards....I get to see the customer favorites and it will help guide this business in the near future.  I apologize for the low inventory and the sold out status for some of the products...I know it might be frustrating, but please know that this will only help me concentrate on the items that are the most LOVED and in turn they will come back even better:) 

Everything is small batch, and I would LOVE to keep it that way to ensure you all get the best quality products in the most purest of forms that I can produce.  Please be patient, please write to me, let me know what you'd like to see, what's missing, and what you love the most about your Scripts.

Much love to you guys tonight and always remember, you have one skin to live in...

Choose Wisely...and tonight,

THANK YOU for choosing to FEEL GOOD!