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Script Bomb...Bath Fizz...Bath Bomb...Whatever bomb me into a deep sleep...

Have a great opportunity to market myself in my new little town.  May have the items in a few cute little boutique stores in Downtown Brentwood, and I cannot wait!  Pushing me to stay up tonight to make those kid and adult loving' bath bombs!

I wanted to try different shapes of bath bombs and decided to try squares tonight:)  These items are for sure a labor of love.  Started at 9 pm tonight, and it's almost 12:30.  That yielded 6 pretty awesome bombs:) I have gone through six recipes, sweated, and gone through numerous molds...and I am still working it.  I want them a part of the Feel Good Scripts product line because the look on my kids face and husband, when it fizzes, is truly priceless.  Also, an added bonus, their skin is moisturized to perfection, -that no lotion is needed after!  Eczema seems "happier" and their skin is supple.  My kids absolutely love them, and the coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and Vitamin E oils, make them incredibly soothing additives to the bath.  Great for kids and adults!  The fizz is awesome, and the water is left so silky, smooth, and perfectly scented. 

I'm so grateful for this opportunity to share in this experience with you.  I truly love creating products to share with you.  I appreciate the support, and especially the enthusiasm from you guys who love great handmade products as much as I do.  I wish I could send every one of you gifts all the time.  

Thank you...

For my bacon lovers, I made potatoes with bacon and onions tonight for my booster snack:)  I love that bacon!  

p.s.  Would you like to see regular "blah blah" blogs on here unrelated to the business?  Like my Victorias's Secret Bra shopping fail?  Most of which will contain a lot of profanity, which is why I need to have the password:)

 Some of you know of my churro blog already...want more of that real stuff and business end of things?  Please let me know.