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Friendships...and Bubbles...

Had an hour today while the kiddos were playing with their trains and not trying to kill each other to make a custom kids bar of soap.  There has been a request in my household for kid scripts, and the input they gave was something sweet, like candy.  Swirly, twirly, and fun.  I'm very excited to un-mold it in a few days.  They picked blue, pink, yellow, and white.  I noticed today that everything seems better and more fun when things glitter and shine, so the request for glitter stays, and glitter it is.  

They requested an aromatic experience that included lemon, lavender, and something sweet, like candy.  The bar remains unnamed for now, but maybe a good time for another contest.  

Working hard on my kid scripts now...It's going to be fun.  I'm so excited.  

On the flip side.  Friendships.  One of my friends needed help tonight and I don't know her all that well, but she needed me to help her to ED.  It was an incredibly eye opening experience, but I was able to witness the true form of friendship as her best friend arrived.   One was vulnerable and scared, and the other, almost tunnel vision, was able to calm, hold, and comfort with just a touch and a stare.  Incredible.  I had tears in my eyes, for he knew just what she needed.  They rocked back and forth.  In synch.  It was beautiful.  That connection with a friend is once in a lifetime.  A friend who is your soulmate.  I have one.  I hope that everyone has one.  It makes working hard and suffering worth the hug that lasts forever and never dies.  

Thank you to those soulmates who make a difference in so many lives.  Everyone deserves one.  I hope you have one..

Sweet Dreams to those friends, prayers to my friend in the hospital, and hope everyone wakes up feeling good.