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My first official review, and I'm over the moon!!!! and other stuff.... it's getting real:)  Someone may need to pinch me:)  My passion is turning into a reality, and it's scary, but so incredibly exciting.  I think about how fortunate I am producing these products and to share them with people who care...It is truly the best, and makes me feel like I am making a small difference in a world where making effort may be questionable at times.  

So in between "life," true life set in when I hear of yet another officer being gunned down.  

With the latest officer shootings I find myself short of breath and unable to contain myself sometimes.  I realize that everyone has their views on the world and its pressing situations, so I will keep it simple.  I believe that all lives matter.  I want to restore my faith in humanity and to believe that people are good.  I'm going to remind myself tonight that there are good and evil forces battling everywhere and every minute.  And, I want to remind myself that those who sacrifice their lives for our freedom and safety also deserve to be protected.  

And, as many people have said...All lives matter.  

Thank you to all those who sacrifice their lives on a daily basis for my mine and to protect my family.  

Lisa Marutani-BarcojoComment