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I LOVE free stuff....

I have always loved "free" anything.  Make-samples, freebies, the buy a certain amount get a bag full of goodies:)  I'm like a kid in a candy store, and it excites me.  So with that, here is maybe my third giveaway?  I love spoiling the people who participate in my giveaways, but also tend to spoil all the participants anyway even if their name was not the winner!  It is a great feeing to me to package up a few of my favorite products, package, and send them out.  Sometimes it takes me a few hours to make sure everything is wrapped, ribboned, stickered, and packaged just the way I had intended.  The reward??? Getting the amazing feedback and feel good messages down the road.  

I have heard that some people don't even need to rely on lotion the skin softening effects of the bombs were unlike they've ever felt!  They felt guilty to have to drain the water! These situations, along with my children asking to use my products everyday, are the most rewarding for me.  It warms my heart and fills it with motivation to continue making Feel Good products for as long as I possibly can.  

I cannot wait for a new batch of feedback that will be coming soon:)  I am confident that the winners will be pleased, and I will continue to be grateful for the support that has been shown to me.  

Feelin' Good tonight....


Lisa Marutani-BarcojoComment