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It's been a long time coming...A Feel Good Real

Wow, been meaning to drop a line about the changes I wanted to do this year about ten months ago...but I guess it is better late than never!

Productivity has slowed incredibly, (for good reason which will be addressed in an upcoming newsletter;) This newsletter will address how the holiday season will work, how the upcoming year might look like, and the future of Feel Good Scripts. For now, in short, my bread and butter are the soaps, and I will have them all year around. They will always be small batch, and every bar one-of-a-kind. Any requests? Just drop me a line, for you will always be the first to get what you want if I know what you love the most! The bath and body and specialty products (i.e. lotion candles, whipped butters, scrubs, and the facial care line) will be more seasonal, releasing in the late winter and based upon lists.

I have started running lists for certain popular products.

Currently I have:

Facial Grains/Mask

Facial Oil

Body Scrub

Lotion Candle

Wondering why I have to do lists? I make everything to order without fillers, preservatives, or chemicals to stretch out shelf-lives, which means that I would love and need to get the product to you as soon as I make it! Everything is made in small batches, with extreme care, and I guarantee every product. Any problem or issue, just drop me a line, and I will take care of you.

Of course, since I am a lover of everything Feel Good and handmade, I will have special collaborations with amazing artists, and again, newsletter peeps will always have first knowledge before blog, facebook, and instagram.

Thank you all for your patience. I am currently updating the website as we speak. Again please feel free to let me know what you’re missing or any feedback via the website and or by e-mail Looking forward to hearing from you!

p.s. For those who ordered the Pink October Specials, I will be e-mailing you tomorrow on payment and shipping details. Thank you for participating in this special cause and for incredible reason. I truly appreciate your continued support.