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Spring Release 2018

Looking forward to releasing some amazing soaps for Spring.  Dabbled with a milk collection, and so far have Hemp Seed Milk Soaps, Goat's Milk Soaps, and will have a few Coconut Milk Soaps for the Spring Soap Release.  Such incredible benefits to each particular type of milk.  And, such a fun addition.  I would like to have a Four Milk Pack Soap hoping I can boogie and make it happen for you all. 

Thank you for your patience!  I will also have whipped body butters and sugar scrubs coming back, and for those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I'll have a 20% off coupon to use and Free Shipping with purchase minimum.  

Hope everyone, at least in CA;), are enjoying the 70+degree, sunny flip flop weather we are having.  I definitely have no complaints!  

Looking forward to hearing from you guys soon.