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B KIND Campaign

Pre-Sales are up and running as of midnight:)  This campaign is near and dear to my heart.  It not only supports an incredible mommy of three battling stage IV breast cancer, but it gives people an opportunity to learn more about breast cancer and how to support those who are battling this terrible disease.  I am fortunate, for this campaign will spread awareness to others, not only through education, but will give you a unique opportunity to read a first-hand account of the everyday battles.  Emotional, physical, and spiritual.  The decisions.  The judgement.  The real struggle.  

I am constantly learning and evolving.  And as of late, I have learned that the journey of a woman and or man battling cancer will differ from person to person.  I caught myself offering solutions because the very thought of having someone I love suffer and or die made me uncomfortable.  What I failed to think about is the comfort of the other person who is suffering, and what I have learned has been incredibly eye opening and valuable.  That everyone has a story, and everyone has to make incredibly tough decisions about which path to take, based upon what they feel may be right for THEM.  These women and men do not need our judgements, nor our educated opinions most, if not all that time.  They may not even need to know stories of what we have heard has "worked."  What I have truly learned, is that listening is the most powerful gift you can give to a person battling cancer.  Second to listening, is asking, what you might be able to do to better support them in their fight.  Since everyone is different, sometimes listening, asking, talking, and offering a loving hug can be the best medicine.  

Lastly, a perfect reminder that everyone is fighting a battle you may know nothing about.  So please be kind.  Please show love and spread kindness when and where you can.  By doing this, you will be honoring the woman for which this campaign is dedicated and also support all of the women, men, and families who have been affected by this terrible disease.  

Thank you for your continued support with Feel Good Scripts.  Thank you for making a difference.


Lisa Marutani-BarcojoComment